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Tech Mogul Donald Kerry Frey Wants to Make Tech Easier to Swallow

April 25, 2018

The idea behind Donald Kerry Frey’s founding of his media property Frey Robotics was simple concept. Donald believes it is quite possible to provide the public with the kind of information about the newest technology without scaring them to death. In fact, with Frey Robotics, Donald hopes to provide the latest information on technology in a way that creates a level of comfort that creates a higher degree of interest and even encourages many to innovate and improve technology even more.

At the very least, Donald Kerry Frey feels the right information, as presented by Frey Robotics, could make a lot more people accepting of the march of progress and technology. He feels there is no reason anyone should fear robotics or automation; all it promises to do is make repetitive tasks easier and more efficient. it promises to lessen the amount of work people have to do on a daily basis. The problem is, traditional media seems to emphasize the loss of jobs and not the elimination of work, which makes people more anxious. They worry about making a living and paying the mortgage, when they should look forward to more free time.

That is one reason Donald Kerry Frey has been working so hard to become a media entrepreneur. He has always been passionate about information and how it is delivered. However, unlike many, he doesn’t simply read everything he can get his hands on; he wants to create things that others can get their hands on, and in the process, improve the quality of the media people consume. It is possible Donald Kerry Frey will be successful in his pursuit of news media success. He has a strong and very impressive background as a tech entrepreneur.